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Senate Republicans will do their part to smooth the way, but time is already running out for Congress to write the new farm bill, said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday. The 2018 farm law expires in four months, and leaders of the... (full story)



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Drought has caused hay supplies to fall to an all time low causing some Kansas cow/calf operators to have to cull their herd while others wonder if they’ll have to follow suit.  Jude Gottschalk, owner of Gottschalk Equipment Sales, Inc. in Hays,... (full story)

WA_LS718 Des Moines, IA Fri Jun 09, 2023 USDA Market News Canadian Livestock Prices and Federal Inspected Slaughter Figures Info for Week Ending June 2, 2023 Area: Alberta Direct Sales, 4% Shrink Slaughter Steers, mostly Choice and Select 1-3, 1300-1500 lbs ... (full story)

AJ_PY029 Atlanta, GA Fri. Jun 09, 2023 USDA Market News Daily Weighted Average Trailer Load Egg Sales ... (full story)

Innovations come in big and small packages — and even in the cloud. The World Pork Expo 2023, held in Des Moines, Iowa, provided an excellent opportunity to showcase new products for pork producers. Here are five that caught my eye. WashRail:... (full story)

Microsoft stock reached its 5-year peak recently, although it may slow down now. But the company is still on track for solid free cash flow growth. This makes MSFT stock a good play for the long term. (full story)
MSFT: 329.09 (+3.83)

Gold is attracting a lot of attention lately given the inflationary period we are in. How does Gold hold up against inflation in recent times? What drives the demand for Gold? (full story)

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Cotton prices are mixed so far with July down by 7 though new crop is as much as 40 points higher. Yesterday, with the exception of July’s 70 point loss, cotton futures settled higher ahead of the USDA report day. Dec contracts were up by 40 points at the close,... (full story)

Most of the nearby lean hog futures closed in the red on Thursday, with losses from 2 cents in June to $1.30 in October. July contracts however stayed in the black and ended the day up by 27 cents. July was at a net $2.55 gain for the week’s move.... (full story)
HEM23: 87.775 (+0.100), HEQ23: 83.425 (+1.000), KMM23: 88.700s (-0.400)

Cattle futures were attempting to recover from the bearish midweek session early, but ultimately added to the drop with $0.90 to $1 losses on Thursday. June fats were the firmest, going home only 22 cents in the red. Cash trade this week was $188-$194 in the North. Thursday’s feeder cattle... (full story)
LEM23: 180.150 (+1.375), LEQ23: 173.000 (+0.750), LEV23: 175.325 (+0.625), GFQ23: 240.175 (+1.525), GFU23: 243.025 (+1.550)

Chicago futures are trading 3 to 5 1/4 cents in the black though the hard reds are fractionally weaker in early Friday trading. Wheat futures gained back double digits on Thursday. Minneapolis spring wheat led the way with 21 cent gains of as much as 2.7%. That left the July... (full story)
ZWN23: 626-4 (+0-2), ZWU23: 639-0 (unch), ZWPAES.CM: 5.7651 (+0.0971), KEN23: 795-6 (-9-0), KEPAWS.CM: 7.5655 (-0.0897), MWN23: 811-0 (-4-6)

Soybeans are up by 3 1/4 to 6 1/4 cents so far, as meal and oil are also each up by 0.4% in anticipation of the USDA reports . Soybean prices ended Thursday with some 10 1/2 to 12 1/2 cent gains. July was left out, ending only 2 1/2... (full story)
ZSN23: 1368-6 (+5-4), ZSPAUS.CM: 13.3797 (+0.0538), ZSQ23: 1285-4 (+6-2), ZSU23: 1207-0 (+4-6)

Corn prices are trading in the red after gapping lower overnight. July futures left 1 1/4s of the 2c cent gap working into the day session. Corn settled the Thursday session up by 1 1/2 to 6 cents. July was the leader, and after briefly trading below $6, closed near... (full story)
ZCN23: 598-0 (-12-2), ZCPAUS.CM: 6.1870 (-0.1217), ZCU23: 519-0 (-9-4), ZCZ23: 524-2 (-8-6)

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The Chart of the Day belongs to the biopharmaceutical company Protagonist Therapeutics (PTGX) . I found the stock by using Barchart's powerful screening functions to find stocks with the highest technical buy signals, highest Weighted Alpha, superior current momentum and having a Trend Seeker buy signal then used the Flipchart... (full story)
PTGX: 28.93 (-0.43)

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With all this talk about higher prices for food, there has to be some good buys, right? David Ortega, a food scientist with Michigan State University provides some insight on what’s still expensive and where shoppers might start seeing some relief. AUDIO: Healthy Living on grocery prices ... (full story)

Smoke and haze will continue to plague portions of the eastern half of the U.S. for the next several days.  Meanwhile, late-week showers will become more numerous across the Plains, especially from Montana to Kansas, with 1- to 3-inch totals possible.  Rain could become heavy enough in northern sections of... (full story)

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook for calls for the likelihood of near- or above-normal temperatures and precipitation across much of the country.  Cooler-than-normal conditions should be confined to the southern two-thirds of the western U.S.... (full story)

3 Big Things Today, June 9, 2023 (full story)

Yesterday the UI numbers came in far worse than expected but the markets didn't falter. What will we see today? (full story)

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Philadelphia 09-June-2023 Auction Sales - Prices To Growers Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News, Federal-State Market News Service, USDA Phone: (215) 551-6791 Fax: (215) 336-0355 AF_FV160 Fairview Kentucky Produce Auction Summary Data compiled by: Fairview Produce... (full story)

June S&P 500 futures (ESM23) are trending up +0.04% this morning after three major U.S. benchmark indices closed higher on Thursday as an unexpected rise in weekly U.S. jobless claims bolstered expectations that the Federal Reserve would hold rates steady next week, while investors also digested weaker-than-expected inflation data from China. (full story)
ESM23: 4,315.25 (+17.00), WBD: 13.98 (-0.04), ADBE: 465.35 (+26.32), AMZN: 125.46 (+1.21), GME: 22.14 (+0.70), GM: 37.22 (+1.37), TSLA: 248.77 (+13.91), BRZE: 37.72 (+3.78), DOCU: 59.35 (+0.87), PL: 3.91 (-0.99), GLW: 33.03 (+1.35), QLYS: 126.84 (-1.51)

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The United States dollar is the world's most dominant reserve currency, accounting for over 60% of all foreign exchange reserves held by central banks around the globe. The King of currencies has a seasonal buy that may advance it to higher levels. (full story)
E6U23: 1.08310 (-0.00080), UUP: 28.44 (+0.05)

ROTTERDAM Terminal Prices as of 02-JUN-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service,... (full story)

MIAMI Ornamental Shipping Point Prices as of 08-JUN-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service,... (full story)